Club de Cieneguilla

On April 22 the Chung Family, one of my students family invited Natalie and I to go to a Club with them. Left to Right: Rachel (ABWE missionary), Cecilia (My Spanish Tutor, Carolina's Aunt), Myself, Carolina (my student), Natalie (Roommate), Isabel (Carolina's mom), and then her little sister.

Yummy Pachamanca!

The oven where everything is put inside and then sealed shut to cook.

Taking the food out and putting it in the pots to serve.

Food! It had a unique flavoring since everything was cooked together.

Frog Game- "Sapo"

Goal... get it in the mouth! Too bad this is a staged picture... I wish I was that skilled!

Adding... not so fun when it is in the thousands!

Points in Spanish! I think it took twice as long!

Tossing... some when right in... and others... well lets just say they were special and didn't quite make it!

Cultural Dance- Girl

Cultural Dance- Boy

My wonderful student Carolina!!!

*Just a little more Peruvian Culture for you to see!


~ by karilouperu on May 15, 2011.

One Response to “Club de Cieneguilla”

  1. Looks like a great get-a-way! Carolina must have been in Heaven to be on vacation with Queen Shirk:)!!!

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